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Paul - you are wise to be cautious on a site like this. We don't do work of that scale, but here is what I saw two years ago. Behind a Lowe's (Home improvement store) the engineers pulled the same deal, and a huge wall went up with compaction tests and the whole deal. Simultaneously, I took in about 15000 yards of unusable (wet and silty) fill material from the same site. The stuff locks up like concrete when dry, but is very unstable when wet. This leftover material shifted and blew the wall right out, subsequently we received many triaxle loads of versa-lok block, fill, and the remains of the geo-grid material. I'm not sure who paid (it was very likely the engineer on the project who was liable though). I don't know the dimensions of your project, but in this case the building was done, so the CO was waiting on the wall replacement. On a 130k job I wouldn't want to move a few thousand yards of material after the fact. If an engineer signs off on it try to find out if they worked on a similar project, or if they are just theorizing. Also make sure there is some sort of drainage system. I have a suspicion that lack of proper drainage would make the peat suck in water, then swell and shift unpredictably.<p>PS - I would like to visit you if you are working on one of those lake or river projects. It sounds interesting.<br><p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply -<br>Ivy League Landscaping -
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