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Hey Guys Its been awhile since I,ve had time to check in seems like everyone is glad its winter! (in this biz who wouldn't be) I look at trimming cost every were I can as well I usually buy the sthil 2-cycle in the 4 oz. bottle (2.5 Gal mix) I did the math and figured the 4 oz. bottle was costing me .52 cents per oz. If I buy the gallon jug it drops to .29 cents. So I went to Lesco bought a Tip and pour and I,m gonna start using the gallons. I usually go through 12 gallons of 2cycle gas a week in the summer that's a $11.04 a week in savings.
How bout' those gas prices! It sure is nice to see gas under $2.00 a gallon.
Hey everyone have a nice Thanksgiving.
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