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Happy Thanksgiving !

As I smell the turkey cooking in the oven, and see the spread my wife is developing for my family of 6 and a friends family of 3, This is looking to be a great day of eating and resting. After 25 days in a row of 8-12 hour days, I am grateful for a rest. Here's wishing everyone a very restful and happy Thanksgiving.

I've still got my phone on, and hoping to book all day friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon with appointments. I've basically done just about everything I can afford this year as far as marketing, and I hope the phone rings tonight and tomorrow and so on. I will run out of install work for my 3 crews on monday or tuesday if the weather holds and I book no more work. My normal experience tells me there will be work to do, and we'll book 3-8 jobs this weekend. my fear tells me the impulse Christmas buyers will really think twice this year about dropping 1,2,3 grand on Christmas lights. We'll see.
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