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Originally Posted by Bladerunner Inc View Post
Hey Guys Its been awhile since I,ve had time to check in seems like everyone is glad its winter! (in this biz who wouldn't be) I look at trimming cost every were I can as well I usually buy the sthil 2-cycle in the 4 oz. bottle (2.5 Gal mix) I did the math and figured the 4 oz. bottle was costing me .52 cents per oz. If I buy the gallon jug it drops to .29 cents. So I went to Lesco bought a Tip and pour and I,m gonna start using the gallons. I usually go through 12 gallons of 2cycle gas a week in the summer that's a $11.04 a week in savings.
How bout' those gas prices! It sure is nice to see gas under $2.00 a gallon.
Hey everyone have a nice Thanksgiving.
You may want to look around for a place that has a case price on mixed oil. I have found out that if you buy the oil by the case that it is about the same or cheaper than if you buy the gallons.
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