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Originally Posted by deere615 View Post
I had one kid work for me from my school at the begining of the summer cause he really wanted to. He started off trimming and was slow but wasn't bad at it. on the 4th lawn he asked if he could use my 21inch he said he knew how. I weedwacked 2 yards and caut the little field with my 36" before he even finshed the front yard of the one house!! This front yard was like 20ft by 15ft! he could not even turn the mower it was harlirous he asked to go home after that because he was tired.
haha that kinda sounds like one of my moms friends sons that i let help me one day. he came with and i knew he wasnt gonna be much help but i thot i give the kid some experience because i only had one yard left. well anyway the account he was helping me on was one of the best looking ones i had and i told him to weed eat the back and i would do the front. well when i went to inspect the job he did, he murdered the whole back yard the entire porch was scalped about a foot out from the edge of it and his excuse was he sneezed . so i told his mom hees not getting paid.
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