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Hello Mikeslawn - <p>Do you guys do any pesticide/fertilizer applications for your company? I don't know Florida law, but if you do, you probably should already have a few licenses. In Wisconsin, you need a nursery dealer's license to sell/install plants. You need licenses for pesticides. You need a reseller's permit (or retailer's license). You don't need to be an LA to design/install scapes here, but you can't call yourself an LA without the certification. No licenses needed to build patios, retaining walls, but you may need building permits (and every municipality is different). I'm sure I'm forgetting many things...<p>Your best bet would probably be to seek out your local landscaping association and apply for membership - they will probably be much more help than I could ever be. Check with your state, too. They will probably have some nice literature to send you that tells what you need to do business there.
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