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Originally Posted by DenbowLawn View Post
I read and look at a lot of pics on here and one thing that I don't get is "why do so many people have or push to tell people to get a Backpack blower"?

I have 2 stihl handhelds BG 55 and 85 (85 was free but needed $70 repair) and they work fine. But if a backpack blower is going to be a huge difference then i'll do that. I just don't know if they are worth twice the money of a handheld.
No one can tell you whether you need a BP blower or not but I would recommend that you demo a BP blower on a couple of yards and see what you think. You might be surprised at how easy they are to throw on your back and how easy they are to use when you are walking up a long driveway.

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