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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
A grade bean sound like an interesting idea. TSGVA, please post pics when you get to that point.
Will will be disguised as a 2' strip of granite cobblestones, reinforced through the 24" thick concrete footer (grade beam) with vertical rebar between the cobbles, hidden with mortar.....helping with the lateral pressure.

The cobbles will obviously be flush with the top of the pavers as it delineates between the driveway and the lower motor court. I think this is overkill for this grade (only about 6% slope over 30') but the cobbles were going to be installed anyway, so why not reinforce them and have it act as a grade beam?? Cheap insurance for a $115k project.

A big concern I had with proposing this grade beam was the sight of a concrete band going across this beautiful paver driveway....welcome the cobbles.

Kind of hard to describe on here, but hopefully you get the idea.
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