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Originally Posted by turf hokie View Post
I will agree to all you said Dave

I have one house that we switched to all LED's hoping to reduce the load on the lines, use less cords and hopefully reduce tripped GFI's. Not the case. We have been there just as much this year as last year.

Of course we also have had more rain than normal as well.

How many of you tape the ends of mini lights and connections between extension cords and splitters? Does this help? Does it make it worse if water does make its way behind the tape?

Reason I ask, is we have not found any difference in tripped GFI with tape or no tape. BUT, we have complaints from customers because the perception is we should tape everything.

Hmmm. I have had one GFI pop this year (well that I know about) it was after a big rain fall.

We are very carefull about where we leave our plugs. If they are on the ground we squirt in a little greese. Seems to be working so far....
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