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Thanks for the detailed information.

The main reason I will probably not take the Basics of plant for landscape use is because the first day overlaps with the last day of the ICPI course (the only one in NJ). I did not want to miss the first day of an expensive and fast pace class.

I think I will def. skip on the paver class at Rutgers. Like I said I have knowledge and have installed a handful of successful patios/walls, but just wanted to be more "educated."

I would like to possibly take the drainage class if they reschedule it for later. What is the name of the specific soil class you said would be a good precursor for me.. "soil and plant relationships?"

I'm looking forward to taking the Pland ID and pruning class. I know all the basic plants many central NJ landscapers use, but want to much more confident on estimates. Often times at my maintenance accounts, I am not sure when to trim some plants and it's embarassing.

Thank you.
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