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I just flipped ON my home display to hear the GFI's trip within a couple seconds. We had snow here 3 days ago and they worked fine with that, but today has been foggy, drizzily, and above freezing. Everything is saturated...

I won't post this on PC because I'd get flamed and most likely have my post deleted, but I just unplugged the cords from the GFCI plugs and re-plugged them into non-GFCI plugs that were right next to them. Yep, they work again.

I've always had my display lit, rain, snow, or dry, and never had an issue. Yes, I'm obviously "leaking" power in places, most likely all the tomato cage mini trees and wireframes, or all the cords and connections I have laying directly on the ground. (just too many to try to elevate all of them).

If I were to abide by the tripped GFCI plugs I'd likely have no more display for this season! There's just no way I could unplug everything on the ground, that's 3/4 my display!
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