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I have several non-gfci outlets I use at homes, no issues.

The HBL LED light sets they sold that were warm white were top notch and I have a couple sets. The LED links they sell are not my thing, The ones I saw at convention are kinda dim and have a slightly green hue, and the older ones like the colossal flakes are bluish white. I also have a fear of not being able to repair them as I have no experience using a light testing unit with them.

The ones I saw also have the replacable LED, which depending on which side of the fence you are on is a good or bad thing. Good- probably fixable, bad- tin led leads rust like crazy.

I like the idea of the flex plug to go to DC.

If I know HBL they will be using the warm white concave lens with the brighter LED, and a better warm white color in the next few years.
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