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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
We are slated to receive an Ice-storm in the next 24 hours.

I see the potential to charge for cleanups if there is larger limbs to clean up for people.

I don't want to take advantage of peoples misfortunes, but I see the potential to provide a service and make a few bucks too.

So, would you charge just labor?? $45/hr, no hauling (city pickup), or does that seem too expensive for the circumstances. $45 is what I charge through the year for maintenance.

Any thoughts????

Price per the job, as more people will approve a price they know of ahead of time, rather than just a labor rate per hour and not nailing it down.

And yes there is potential to make good money, while working very it isn't taking advantage at all.....just providing a service. Some of my best months ever were after hurricanes and tropical storms that came thru locally. Made good money but worked my a$$ off. Just be ready to respond quickly, cuz people will want action quickly especially with holiday right around corner. Mother nature can generate a ton of business
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