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Originally Posted by nnj18 View Post
how many accounts do you service? do you do any hardscaping? and where's the 2008 photoshoot? lol
We had done hardscaping for two seasons...but we have since pulled away from that...we were getting too much going on at once...too many stirrers in one pot (or whatever that saying is!?) So we pulled out of that and now just focus on what we are set up for & good at...

Every year we say we are gonna do a photoshoot again...but damn its such a process...get everything off the jobs they're on...wash everything...get it all set up at our shop...find a photographer...pray for good weather on that day...uggggggh!! That one keeps getting put on the backburner...

We service approx 125 property maint. accounts throughout the year...some big...some small...but we do a bunch of other work besides just property maint. which keeps is moving year round just about

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