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Originally Posted by Tyler7692 View Post
ProTurf, your business is impressive. What contributed most to your growth? I mean, it seems it would be hard to go from 2 Scags to everything pictured in just four years. What's the trick?
There are definitely alot of factors to the growth. One of the biggest was that I got the ball rolling when I was prettyyoung & I had no bills at all besides work stuff. I lived at home for the longest time...didn't have any hobbies to spend any money on...every single penny I made was put right back into the business.

Right outta the door our first season we were mowing 60 lawns a week by the end of that season. And by season two we were into 80 lawns...and the 3rd season we started to get some bigger commercial maintenance work (55+ communities etc) and irrigation & bobcat work etc...

Another big thing...there may be alot of equipment in those pictures...but there is not much brand new equipment for sure! Alot of that stuff is older equipment that I didn't pay crazy money for...and I'd take it home...clean it up...put some new paint & fancy logos on it...and people think its brand new...but its actually some of it is pretty old.

Those pics actually took 5 full seasons of work...the Scag pic was January of 2001...the photo shoot pic was prob Oct of 2005...

And I guess the last big contributor to growth was I never really had much trouble with good help. I have always managed to have a few really good people around...and still do to this day. I have definitely dealt with my fair share of knuckleheads...but when the good ones come along I always do my best to make it worth their while working with me. Sure couldn't do it without those guys. Most of the guys working with me have been around for 4-6 years on average.
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