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Originally Posted by PerfectEarth View Post
BUT.....(haha, you know it had to come)...I cannot comprehend doing leaves the way you do it with that skidsteer! How is that efficient? You need to tow that thing around, it probably marks up driveways and streets, you have all that extra clean-up from it flinging leaves here and there... If it works, cool- I just don't see how a large vac is not more capable. I would take you up on your challenge!!
Hahahha...yeaa...I knew it was coming!! I must say it really does work well. The Bobcat is an all wheel there is no marking up of any driveways or streets. will scrape some pavement occasionally with the bucket but we try to always do it in the street. We also usually use our bigger Freightliner to haul leaves...holds alot more than that F-550 in the picture.

As far as using a personal experience was that we would typically push/blow all of the leaves out to the street where the vac was...then we'd have 2-3 guys raking the leaves into the hose...breaking up the pile if it was too compressed/condensed (not loose enough) to be easily vac'd up...we'd deal with occasional clogs etc...stop the vac...clean out the etc...uggggggh!!!

With the skid steer we have 2 in the machine...and one on a mower to help "push" the leaves into the bucket...they could do a GIGANTIC pile of leaves in a very short amount of time. Yes...we do deal with excess leaves getting flung around...but when there is too little to pick up with the Bobcat we blow em back on the lawn and suck em up with the mower. We also usually use a bigger snow bucket when doing leaves which holds even more leaves.

And if the leaves are even a little wet and you're trying to vac...FORGET all know what that's like!! Wet leaves don't stop a actually makes it easier...less leaves flying around etc...

Everything has its Pros & Cons...but over time we have come to believe that this is the way to may not be for everyone...but it works awesome for us and we have no plans on changing back anytime soon.
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