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Originally Posted by Jason Rose View Post
I'm jealous of all that you have there, but not of the headaches that surely come with running a biz that large. I've been doing maintenance "officially" since '97 and I'm still one guy with a fancy truck and trailer... I just never have the desire to grow (if that's even possible around here) to the size you are.

Your shop and the irrigation trailer are to die for. I'm sure neither stay perfect like that 100% of the time though, lol. The racks and cabinets in the trailer are just genious. Just like the home center with the fittings screwed to the outside of the bin for fast ID.

If I get the opportunity to get a home with some acerage I'm definately getting a for real shop. Working out of a 20x24 garage and from under a carport can be done, but I spend half my time moving one thing to get the next around it.

If you ever want to get rid of one of your GOOD workers, and they want to live in Kansas where it's a little warmer and a lot windier, let me know! It's almost impossible to find ANYONE that will work around here!

Hahaha...yea you're right...there are plenty of headaches...but that comes with anything you do! That irrigation trailer works out awesome for us...there isn't a thing I would change about it. If I hear of anyone headed to Kansas I'll tell em to look you up!
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