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Originally Posted by wcoltharp View Post
Great looking company you have built over the years. I hope I'm not asking a question that has already been asked but how many crews do you run on a regular basis? I assume the company is mainly lawn/property maintenance based? I like to see companies who don't make hardscaping their main trade, but include all aspects into the company. Seems that you made the notorious jump from a small operation to a large sized operation very well. Have there been times throughout your career where you wish you had gone down a different avenue? Thanks for the great pics and info! I hope I have asked some worthwhile questions that meet the forums expectations , no pun intended.
At one point we had 15 employees...but things have dropped dramatically in the last two seasons due to the economy. We currently have 8...and that is strecthing it at times! We typically run 3 crews at most times during the year...we always have a few extra guys on in the spring time to help with the big rush. We are one of the few companies in our immediate area who are full we feel like we have an advantage bidding on jobs at times due to not having to sub out any of the work in most cases etc. We are by no means the biggest in our area...there just aren't alot of guys out their who do everything. We do just about everything besides hardscapes & fertilizing.

There have definitely been times where I wish I was doing something else...but who hasn't?? I bet even Tom Brady has those days...on rare occasions! I still tell myself that I won't be doing this for the rest of my life...i have a few ideas in the works on other ventures...but nothing set in stone yet.
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