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Originally Posted by davis45 View Post
Oh come on bud, he didn't bid so low to the point he can't pay himself. He surely won't pay the whole $30k on fuel/taxes/ins. etc. He just left ALOT of money on the table, he will be able to clear some of the 30k.
I figure he'll be making $300 (or so) a day.
After expenses how is there room to pay a worker?
Sure, he will make some profit for himself but at what point is it not worth doing? What about putting money a side for winter slow periods etc, non operating costs.
That $300/day in itself isnt that bad for a days work (if your doing it every day of the year) but after you pay bills, put food on the table, bank some, put money a side for new machinery etc etc, all things that NEED to be done it doesn't leave much for play/life money.
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