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Ok so based on your numbers provided, you think you'll clear $20,837 from this job (I disagree but will go with this number). Breaking it down by say 28 mows, thats roughly $745 per cut. Your estimating it taking you 3 days, so really your doing just shy of $250 per day. That might sound ok but, you should be able to do better on residental accounts. Thats only 5 accounts at $50 each. You should be able to do that many by lunch time. At the end of the day 12-14 is a reasonable number to do daily atleast for me. So you could be doing $600 (about $415 after expenses) a day doing strictly residentals. Thats why I say you left money on the table. Forget what others bid it, its like you are willing to take a pay cut for this one account. I still believe you will need atleast 2 other people (2 guys at just $10 an hr on a 10 hr day is $200 per day, an additional expense of $5,600). Thats the way I recommend you go, get it done in just one day and you should be able to clear around $545, that would also free up 2 more days to make more money. Time is money.
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