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Originally Posted by nnj18 View Post
So you have 11 mowers for just 125 accounts? Your accounts must be HUGE to keep 9 guys and 9 mowers working 5 days a week. (3 crews = 3 mowers & 3 workers from your previous statements) My buddy has almost 300 accounts, 6 mowers and 3 crews and the one crew only works 3 days a week on maintenance and 2 days landscaping.

Also you must have a POS vacuum if it can't suck up wet leaves good. I know from experience that the truck packs BETTER when the leaves are wet and I used a 27hp Kawasaki loader and it handled wet leaves fine.
Those pics were from 05 when we had around 15 I said things are scaled back due to slow times...we have since changed over to all Exmarks...and still have one Walker...but no more Scags...Dixie Chopper etc...we are plenty efficient with our 125 accounts...we concentrate more on landscape & irrigation installs these days then expanding our maintenance. We are at a comfortable level with maintenance.

As far as sucking up wet leaves...i apparently have never used a vac good enough to handle wet experience with wet leaves is they just build up in the hose & tubes and stick to the machine and slow down the whole process dramatically. If your vac handles wet leaves better than dry leaves then hold onto that machine, it sounds awesome.
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