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I don't want to come accross harsh here but do you have any idea how much leg work is involved in putting together 6 digit builds? Try 4 at the same time. Material selection, multiple revisions on plans, permits, meetings with pool contractors, electricians, plumbers, and the list goes on and on. We aren't talking about a 200 sf front sidewalk here.

When you have to find the right employees there are ways of finding them, I'll leave it at that. When you treat them right, word travels, and they tend to want to work for you.

You should see that back yard, I mean mud everywhere. I honestly think it takes the cake on "backyards destroyed" but it'll look real sharp when planted and finished off. That job box was around back by the pool and last week we put a chain on it, hooked it to the front of the 332 and drug it around the front. That 332 is an ox, but it took all it had in the mud to get it out front. This job would have come to an abupt hault four weeks ago without track machines.

You fail to clean muddy track machines before it freezes you will develop a new four word vocabulary when you decide to start one and move it in sub zero temps.
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