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Originally Posted by PR0 TURF View Post
Thanks for the compliments!! As far as the plow is a 10ft Fisher M/C Minute Mount 2 plow...the whole set up cost $6,000 to put on the truck back in 2005. The tires are the stock tires on the rear...nothing fancy. We usually will drop in a few yards of sand for some extra weight in the body. The truck never has much trouble pushing snow. It plows for the Mass Highway...they're paying $108/hr this year for trucks this size with a 10ft power angle plow. This past weekend when the snow was crazy the truck got 45 hours from Friday-Sunday...wish it got that every week!! The truck is probably a bit big to use on most of our other accounts...but I would definitely recommend getting a plow on your new rig and putting out somewhere...should treat you well!!!
I used to get $125 hr for my single axles plowing for a local municipality. I never understood why they pay so cheap. I do better on residentials with pickups. But its better to keep the trucks and employees busy then have the trucks sit for a couple months.
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