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Originally Posted by Jason Rose View Post
Around here it's what every guy uses (plow), unless he's small/just starting, then just a trencher works. You really need a trencher and a plow to do most of them, but this is also PVC country. Nothing like 3 pipes in one trench...
We had 5 pieces of 1in in one ditch on our last one, that was fun!

I've never seen a vibratory plow used here, only reason we use a trackhoe sometimes is because we can do everything with a trackhoe with out touching a shovel, but our last one needed to be done quick and there was some grading involved so we had to have a bobcat.
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Originally Posted by bobcat_ron View Post

Just run the god damn sh*t out of the machine and the hell with all the other crap, make money instead of worrying about crap that only accountants think about!
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