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Originally Posted by RedMax Man View Post
Hey Pro-Turf! Nice to see the locals. Congrats on the Hannafords plowing account. Poor guys got the Freightliner deep in mud the other day over on Primrose hill.

I'm sure you've seen us around

To anyone who's skeptical these guys at Pro-Turf have an awesome reputation among customers and other landscapers. Even my own clients have said very nice things bout Pro-Turf. Top notch opperation!

I bet the co. your referring to with the logos on everything also is Greener. Many of the biggest companies around here are owned by the younger guys.
Hey there...thanks for the kudos on Hannaford! Yea...Primrose gets to be a real mud bowl after we get some heavy rains...uggghhhhh...thats not the first time!

Thanks for all the compliments on running a tight operation...we try our hardest! You seem to have the ball rolling quite well yourself...keep it up!

Greener & GroundHog up in Londonderry do an awesome job with lettering everything...i love seeing that in a company!
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