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Originally Posted by mattfromNY View Post
Why NH plates on the truck? Just curious. Not that anyone could tell after the center-punch. LOL.
Operation is definately top notch, everything I've seen and read so far looks very professional. Keep up the great work.
Thanks for the kudos!! Goood eye on the plates...not many people pick up on that. When I started out I was working out of my mom's house in Dracut...but around 2003 I moved to the next town over...which is Pelham I would've had to changed my phone number...different exchange for MA & NH...and change alot of the lettering on our trucks & trailers...letterhead...shirts it was easier just to stick with the "Dracut MA" status that we had already been working with...even though we are 5 min up the road in NH...that's pretty much it...nothing sneaky hahaha
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