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Originally Posted by Lawn Freak
But right now I am extremely pissed off because my dad basically told me tonight he doesn't believe in me or my business. Hes like if you're just gonna cut grass all your life you don't need college. Really pissed me off. it just makes me sick to my stomach that he could think that.
With all due respect to your father he's not thinking right. I would be proud to have a son like you who had the drive and work ethic to run your own lawn care business at your age. I have a son who is a lot older than you (22) who can't seem to show up at work three days in a row and is in and out of trouble with the law. I would set him up in a lawn care business, buy him the equipment, show him how to bid, teach him everything I know, but I won't bother because it's still work and I know he wouldn't do it.

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