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Cool go to college

i went to college alte in life , 29, i did natioanl diploma in horculture , this was in england it was great, i was suroundedby like minded people, we learnt loads of stuff and we learnt how to find thins out, and manage our time and accoutancy , business management etc... well worth going, also you will have a ball with all your horticulture mates.this took two years full time.
i worked my way through it.

i did so well, i went to to university and did degree in commercial horticulture majoring in fuirt production. this was three years, i had a great time.
when i finished iw worked in fruit production for awhile, before finally gettingback to land scaping, maintenace etc.. whic i do now.

i did fiv eyears of study and it has set me up for life. it gave me so much confidence and knowledge, and i met other people who have helped and still help me.

go for it.

good luck
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