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Originally Posted by RLC12065 View Post
whoopass is an idiot. education never hurt anyone. i have a business degree and id suggest that if you want to own a business you should have some business knowledge.
Originally Posted by RLC12065 View Post
...whoopass being an idiot is just my personal opinion from what i've read of his posts.
For the record, I believe College to be a necessity for the majority of the proletariat in this day and age...

RLC: I don't know how I could possibly have wounded your pride so badly that you're now ranting about me on threads I'm not a part of, but you really are making yourself like like a bit of a fool. If you need to get your feelings out, feel free to PM me. I'll listen. But this high-school-girl equivalent of talking behind my back is rather petty and - quite frankly - reflects extremely poorly on you.
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