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thanks for the replys so quickly. while I was typing the last reply I had 3 new ones pop up. I do think that the soup kitchen for a day is a great idea. I have always had a soft spot for the homeless. I am a veteran of the national guard, served overseas for over a year, and I have heard that a lot of the homeless are actually veterans, this really hits me hard. The deserve help, our help.
The coat idea might not be the best one but I just saw him walking the other day and was thinking, and what place better than this to get everyones honest opiniion. Thats what I like about this site everyone gives their honest opiniion, no matter how rude they may sound to you, it is their honest opnion, and some people would say that you have to have tough skin to post things on here, but I do not care. I knew it may be a questuionable idea anyhow, but I really like the soup kitchen idea. thank you for the idea.
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