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This is my cockeyed b_itch.

Her name is Molly and I adopted her from the Animal Protective League. She is a 5 year old pittbull mix

She was a "red dog" meaning they didnt trust her around other dogs and humans.

The League shows dogs every week at my brothers work which is a hard ware store. The store serves hot dogs and is near my house so I will sometimes go have lunch with my brother.

I went 3 Saturdays in a row and saw her each time. They always kept her separated from the other dogs and of course the lady claimed she didnt like men. The ladies that volunteer at the shelter mean well, but they say every dog is afraid of men just because they are themselves. I could see her ribs and tell she was not eating well. They said they had her for 2 years and no one would take her cause she was a "red dog'.

So of course I fell in love with the cockeyed b_itch and adopted her.

She has gained weight since coming home with me. She also gets along with my dad and sister's 6 dogs between them just fine. But she is the most alpha female I have ever seen. She hikes her leg and marks her territory when I walk her. It is absolutely the end of the world if another dog, squirrel, cat, rabbit, or person is outside my house and she can see them. But she has absolutely no food aggression and is super gentle when I give her treats. She even knows how to shake, and will always sit on command. She has never messed in the house once.

She is a very calm relaxed dog that is not very needy. She likes to be in the same room as I am but she is not one of those dogs that tries to mug you for attention. I cant stand that in dogs. She is a very loyal and loving dog.

She makes a great companion for a confirmed bachelor like myself.
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