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Originally Posted by Blazerfb View Post
chevy at 7months and 11 months. I know this isn't exactly a dog site but does anyone know what color my dog is? I've heard of Blue-brindle and brown brindle but he is basically blue brown brindle....if that is a color for a pit....maybe he's just rare...any comments? (pretty much the only thing pit related that i don't know about ha, so any other questions i can prob. ans)
That color is really cool. The first pic color is just a lil 'bluer' if you will, than the second pic, on my comp. neways. the first pic the color looks like a Wieminriemers color. Very nice.

I posted pics of my white boxer in previous post on this thread, i see you have your dog a sweater. My boxers approx 85-90lbs i havent found any places to get sweaters for thick chested dogs ?? not around NW GA anyways ... ne help ??
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