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Give him the coat, a hat, and a meal. We should not judge others. They is no such thing as bad advertising with that said, No one will think the guy works for u. I pass out old shirts ( i now keep em in my truck) we take leftovers to one guy on a regular basis, we take plates to others on cold nights. I could care less what someone thinks about a homeless guy wearing our gear. Do it becuz u wanna not becuz u want others to see what u did. Its a great idea.....and he will appreciate it......even if doesnt say so.

on another note u don't see Michael Jordan getting flak for crack dealers wearing his shoes or jersery while selling drugs shooting people committing crimes. Dont get me wrong fellas but my family has always helped others even when we did not have much ourselves. How many guys do u know that have worked a soup line on Christmas day, Thanksgiving day?How many 15 year olds? Not many. I can remember back in the day having to go to the soup kitchen with my mom and sisters. Now 20 years later we still do it.

Alot of people that want to help just dont know where to start.....well just go help someone, food, clothes, prayer, money, whatever. Everyone needs help, alot just dont ask. Good luck happy.

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