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Originally Posted by ryry278 View Post
Punt66... Man i am totally iterested. I was sitting in Church yesterday just like man i need to do something more outside of my comfert zone. As a teen i felt called to do missions and that kinda faded away into feeling more just doing ministry type work like youth speaking and developing college programs, but i got a heart for serving. I have always been wanting to go to another country and do a soccer, mission program (since i had a huge talent in that). But i kinda go big and want to do alot so i think i need to just go a couple places first and see what they need and what God wants me to do. But other then that i am also considering starting a diesaster relief program with several guys here and hopefully around the country, where we take our enclosed trailers pack them full of supplies (chainsaws, food, water, etc.) and be able to mobilze in the event of Katrinas or local tornadoes or anything like that. Even going to innercities and doing a program there like a week long nightly service and during the day doing prgrams for the adults to teach job skills and the kids doing acitivites from video games to sports

Ok i will gather up some info for you. Use it as you wish, no commitment. If your interested in your own personal mission (my wife and i like that route) we can surely find a recipient that needs medical attention. Then you can communicate directly with them by both phone or mail and even follow the progress. It was fun to visit after the fact and see the happy faces. If your interested in travel with a mission i will get some info on that. Im sure there are churches in your area that do it as well.
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