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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
I just got done reading through this thread and I will say I'm amazed at all the answers.

To all who help the homeless and care about their well being .

To all that have a negative view on the homeless.... Don't start lumping the whole homeless society into one lump of lazy degenerates who are looking for handouts.

When I worked as a social worker in college I realized how many homeless people have mental problems that keep them from having a job. Unfortunately they have no families and fell through the cracks of society.

I think we should all be grateful and give a homeless person a coat regardless of their situation. Logo or not, it might save their life.

My sister has gone into social work as a result of what our parents intially made us do as we were growing up. the pay is bad but she enjoys her work very much. She deals with people who have metal issues and cannot provide or relize what they actually need. I feel blessed and there really is no reason for everyone to do there part large or small to help anyone who needs help. Pay it forward is a phrase we live by.
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