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Originally Posted by topsites View Post
I've rented a few times over the years...
Nowadays if I don't have it, I can't do it

Because I don't think it is fair to the customer to charge more because I have to rent something,
it's not their fault and they shouldn't have to pay more when someone else could do it for less,
the price of the service is what it should be...

And it shouldn't be such a big deal, but customers are not stupid and they catch on quick.
You can try it, but don't say I didn't warn you...

As a rule I only rent when it is something I am thinking of buying later, but in terms of the cost
I eat that, it's almost always purely for the experience and so it's not very profitable.

That, or as a last resort.

I rent equipment all the time.

I learned a long time ago after running numbers that I have to be renting something very very often before the convenience of owning is worth the price.

As far as charging the customer.......I already figure in equipment cost whether I own it or rent it.

With the cost of owning a machine vs. renting it, your cost is usually higher owning. So if anything, it would be cheaper for the customer if i rent the machine.

With that said, if it is a tiny job, that the cost of renting the machine would be higher than a competitor would do the entire job for, then no it wouldnt make sense.

But at the same time, if it was priced like that or that small, i wouldnt bring an owned machine there either.

So yes, rent away.
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