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Originally Posted by DuallyVette View Post
1st. That's an amazing story about your wife.

I'm fascinated by the cost of medical procedures in other countries. Someone here in Charlotte (I read in the news paper) was trying to set up medical junkets for people that were under insured. I also saw where insurance companies offered their clients a bonus, to have procedures done in other countries. The Med system in this country seems so corrupt and imbalanced. I hope it changes.
Yea the procedures there are incredibly cheap. The $800 included pre surgery treatment, surgery, and post surgery treatment including medicaton. I have before and after pics of the boy but decided not to post for hes only 3 and will respect his privacy. But the pictures are interesting. The pica i have of him with his club feet he always looked so sad. In the after pics it looks like he won the lottery. Great kid too.
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