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Originally Posted by lkc View Post
If I was homeless and COLD, I wouldn't care who's name or number was on my coat. Would you?
You would be surprised. I've seen homeless people consider some gifts, to be an insult... they desirve better. i.e. not new , not a favorable color or style. You'd be surprised.

One of favorite homeless stories: I met a friend for dinner at a BigBoy resturant. We sat at the counter and had lunch. A homeless man approached my friend as he was leaving. He said he was hungry. My friend brought him in to sit at the counter, he ordered dinner, paid and my friend left. When the homeless guys dinner arrived, he took one bite, spit it out, said the food wasn't fit to eat, and DEMANDED a refund. The manager gave him the money, so as not to cause a disturbance. Moral of story: no good deed goes unpunished. The resturant lost money on the wasted food, and my friend enabled an alcoholic to drink for another night.

I may well be thought of as a heartless ass on some threads on this forum. I have really done MUCH for MANY over the years. I expect to be disappointed with the outcome. ..and am NEVER surprised.
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