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Originally Posted by mattfromNY View Post
I once dropped my cell phone into a trailer full of leaves. Had my employee call me, but the phone was on vibrate. Thank god, when he called I was standing right over top of the phone and could feel it vibrating. Or, the time I jumped in the pool w/ the phone still strapped to my hip. I've been through lots of phones.
Been there, done that! Only it was my truck FULL of pampas grass. It was also on vibrate, and I didn't have another phone to call it with for almost 2 hours. Couldn't hear it vibrate in the truck when I did get the 2nd phone from a friend because I live in town and there's CONSTANT traffic noise. Had to drive back out into the suburbs, where I had lost it, before I finally found it in the truck bed. The price we pay to be "connected
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