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Originally Posted by CCCLANDSCAPE View Post
are you guys from that area of spain? just wondering if you chose your name, because you are from that area or if you guys consider yourselves as a worker co-operative, like many of the business in Arrasate, or in spanish mondragon. don't mean to ramble, just think its a creative name.....
it's actually my last name, or families name. We're from Mexico and like we all know the spanish came to mexico so that's how we have a spanish last name. i love our last name and for that, our company name. no one comes near it. i've checked online about our last name and it's from spain, the name Mondragon, "dragon mountain" refers to the mythical victory of the artisans and the liberation of the iron ore once guarded by a dragon who terrorized the villagers near Mount Murugain. Which basically stands for dragon slayers
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