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Originally Posted by JosephLawnCare View Post
That's pretty cool how you know all of that about your name.....So what did they tell you about your wrecked truck? That's gotta be pretty close to totaled!
just lots of research online when i should be doing my universities studies. i think we're doing pretty well since my dad's business pays for three universities students all at the same time; not many people can say they have three kids in college and still be able to pay for them without loans and scholarships etc etc. Our truck is still at the body shop, i won't know till Monday about it since they still got to check it out. it was taken to where it was purchased when it was new, because that's one of the insurance's body shop. but in way i want a new truck but then i don't, since we got lots of expenses other then getting a new truck but we shall see. thanks for asking JosephLawnCare it's nice when people ask questions or give any sort of comments, good or bad, since you can always learn from them.
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