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Dave,<br>Having owned a restoration shop for many years and specializing in the GMC / CHEVY K series trucks I know first hand about the rust situation. On the 85 which is prone to rust in the lower cab corners and rockers I would suggest installing an electronic rust control system. These are available at JC Whitney for under a hundred bucks. I have one on my 87 V-10 which I restored almost three years ago and to be truthful I do not even get rust on the rotors. It's the same technolagy as used on off shore oil rigs, tankers and bridges. As far as the rust is concerned along the bottom door edges there is not much you can do. Rust proofing spray (not undercoating) will not stop this kind of rust at this point. That needs to be done when new or when replacing panels. Try the electronic system. Hope this helps. JB
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