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Originally Posted by Dreams To Designs View Post
Matt, I'll definitely be there for many classes. The water management and drainage class is this month on the 17th, and that is an essential program for anyone doing any type of landscaping or hardscaping. Drainage is such an important, overlooked aspect of landscapes, and it's a good money maker as well. Are you thinking of attending some of the short courses?

As long as the student numbers warrant it, I will be at the Basics of Plant Materials for Landscape use as well as Beds and Borders and I would certainly like to attend Principles and Practices of Landscape Design as well as a couple of the new design specific programs. Every program has real world instructors that are performing what they are teaching, for paying clients.

i took all those courses and many more years ago....good stuff! who's still teaching up there, any idea? i had bruce (doc) hamilton, pete mahoney, steve kristoff and larry benz...all good guys. i still run into steve every now and then, hes got a specialty nursery out in millstone. i'd like to see them put together a course on green roofs....i think it's gonna be a really good niche for guys that get into it sooner rather than later.
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