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Starting up after 10 yrs

I'm going to start mowing again after being in other businesses for 10 years. I had been in business for 6 yrs, then sold the business. We ran JD 725's w/ 54" deck and made good money at it. 10 years later equipment seems to be similarly priced other costs are up, but equipment is better and faster. I'm figuring I'll buy either an Exmark w/ 60" deck or JD 777 w/ 60" deck. I'll wait until I have contracts before I buy anything, but I need a little help. I know all the old prices that we charged and feel I would do alright there, but I also know that one of the larger customers is paying nearly twice as much (5 hour job).

How much have prices gone up?

How much faster is equipment?

How much fuel do you burn (in general)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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