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I was just thinking that 10 years ago I was charging less and making more, boy how times have changed. I like to live by the old saying, "You can skin a sheep once but you can shear it for years".

Every part of the country seems to be different on prices so all I can give you is mine, and I know in my area I am not the cheapest or the most expensive.

On residential I try to avg 40 an hour, on privetly owned comm I try to avg 55 an hour and on the corporate or chain comm I try to avg 65 an hour. The reason I say average so much per hour is because in the spring and early summer a lawn might take me 1.25 hrs and later in the year 1hr and in late summer to fall only 45 min and I try to remember this when pricing.

I know some will say that this is not enough and some might say it is to much, but for my equipement I can make a living off of these prices.

I would also like to add that the properties I have now are ones with irragation and the people like them mowed even at times when they could probably be skiped. I used to have some places that seemed like they had more profit because the people did not care how they looked and just wanted them cut, but when summer set in these places went to 14 days are longer like twice in July once in Aug and once in Sept which is not very good for raising a family of 5.

My advise to you would be to see what you need to get by on and also what type of equipement you will be using. Like you stated some of the mowers today are faster, but it still takes about the same time to trim and edge. I would try and see what the going rate is around you with the type of quality you want to offer.

Good luck, Dawg
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