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Originally Posted by MJS View Post
So how did you guys start out?

#1 Borrowed or given equipment?

#2 Bought your own small stuff at first (21" etc)?

#3 Started big, with zero turns and tons of commercial stuff?

#4 Or had a similar business - irrigation, landscaping, handyman, etc. and grew from there?

#5 Or anything else?

Just curious.

P.s. decided to not take the traditional poll route, as hardly anybody does anything but vote. Here we can get some real responses.

I'm not aware of any poll like this being around for a good long time. . .
you forgot about #6 deadbeat spoiled kid out of school (no real direction,but mommy and daddy's money)...givin the best the industry has to offer (meaning tools of the trade).to make money to have fun with..LMAO
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