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Equipment is faster and more productive than it has ever been. However, as stated by everyone, the constant is "what should I charge?" In some cases, you know. In most cases, the answer is eithe rthat's what I think the market will bear, that's what the competition is charging, I'm small I can do it cheaper and the list goes on and on................

I would recommend visiting and check out a CD called "KNOW WHY YOU CHARGE WHAT YOU CHARGE" This CD is in excel spreadsheet format and it calculates your costs per hour of operation for your company based on your equipment costs and use rates. Basically, it determines your break-even point and then you add to that what you think the market will bear in your area. It is not software and anyone can use it.

Check it out or call me at 800-845-0499 and I will explain how simply it will take the guess work out of your bidding. I know it works!
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