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Originally Posted by OUTLANDER View Post
you forgot about #6 deadbeat spoiled kid out of school (no real direction,but mommy and daddy's money)...givin the best the industry has to offer (meaning tools of the trade).to make money to have fun with..LMAO
I worked with #6 once - a kid with a rich stepdad who wanted to start his own landscaping business, but the stepdad wanted him to get a job on the golf course and get some experience first before he'd pay for all the equipment. The grounds crew would come in a couple of hours on weekend mornings for a quick course setup, and the kid soon got fired for not showing up on the weekends. His stepdad came in and talked to the superintendent and managed to get the kid re-hired. I don't know what became of him or whether he managed to make it as a landscaper or not.
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