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A rough few days with my dog

The other day I brought my 14 year old dog (a German Short Haired Pointer mix) to the vet for a check up for a check up. The doc is checking him over and feels his belly and says it feels funny. So the do some tests and say that they think he has a tumor on his splean and it needs to be removed or it will burst and he will bleed to death. I tell them to do it and they set it up for the next day (yesterday). They said it will take 2 hours and he will need a few days at the vet to recover. The vet calls after the surgery to tell me how it went, he said they took out a 6 lb tumor and he only weighs 65 lbs. Anyway they said today he is doing so well I can take him home early. I am so happy to have him home and ok I have had him since I was 12 years old. They gave me pics of the tumor its huge I will post if anyone is interested.
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