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I vote "no" on tumor pictures too, but pictures of the healthy pup are good by me

Been there and I'm the bad buy around here because I've got my foot down about getting another dog. I've had two dogs in my life and lived with two more. I buried a 13 year old schnauzer at 17. I didn't get "over" him until I was married and trying to dodge having kids! My little brother got a dog while I was still living at home part time during college. Cute pound puppy, but I never could get close to her. My wife wanted a dog when I was never home after we first got married. Again, she wasn't "my" dog and while it was different with it just being the wife and I, I stayed unattached. She did grow on me, I even took her with me bird hunting after a while. Then, she started having seizures and I realized I wanted a dog. I picked up a lab from a customer in the spring of '93. He ended up being 7 months older than my son. When we had to put him down two years ago, I knew we would be without a dog for a long time. I will probably lose and have to give in soon. I am sure it once again won't be "my" dog, but I feel guilty when the kids tell me they want a dog. The problem is that in 5 years, they will both be off to school and I can feel me being stuck.
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